Stavanger Brass Band

Stavanger Brass Band

This Lady Wears Trousers - Brass in Concert 2016

Oppression, discrimination, lack of equality and religious freedom are very much at the centre of todays social and political landscape. This is a story about oppression, behavioural tendencies of the oppressor - and some reactions of the oppressed. It takes place in France and moves freely from medieval times to the present day. The story is centred around the life and plight of Jeanne d`Arc, a farmers daughter from the wrong side of town, determined to rid France of English oppressions. I have included a memory of one of the most recent atrocities but could not resist the occasional reference to what France is also famous for: Music, art and the good life.

Movement 1 - Veni Creator. Jeanne d`Arc was 16 years old when she led her first army against the English. This is a reference to the Hymn that she used in preparation for each and every battle.

Movement 2 - Show us your flags Mister! A light hearted look at both sides involved in the 100years war ending with a passing glance at «La Bonne Vie»

Movement 3 - Can I have some Troops please? Jeanne d´Arc needed to plead with Sir Robert Bardricourt,the local garrison leader, for soldiers whom she could lead. He refuses her first two requests but will a third do the trick?

Movement 4 - Liberating Orleans. This was Jeanne d`Arc's first campaign. The wind was in the wrong direction, (represented by a recurring two bar phrase), which hindered her crossing a vital stretch of water. The wind later changed, interpreted by some at the time, as an act of divine intervention.

Movement 5 - July 15th 2016. Thousands of people had just witnessed an extraordinary firework display to celebrate Bastille Day. Moments later 85 innocent bystanders had died. We hear the gun shots from the truck driver and police. It`s then 07.00 on the morning of Friday 15th, Boulevard des Anglais, Nice, 100 metres from the disabled truck.

Movement 6 - Jeanne d`Arc updated. We trace Jeanne d`Arc's final battle and capture. We have concentrated on the actions of the oppressed and their oppressors,  from both then and now. We end with a summary of the plot of «This Lady Wears Trousers». We continue with the movement from two ages, the plot summary being written in modern day language and containinga final plea that is quite simply..... A MESSAGE OF HOPE:

 Voices in her head. She heard these voices and then made choices.They told her bold decisions must achieve her missions. They told her help would come. They told her at her trial, the bitch from the marshes, a witch the others said.But wow, My friends, no demons in this girls head.A bed to lie in that’s all she made. She only laid the baseto fade this English blockade.

 Capture and death. Then, this chicks luck ran out, a battle a rout. Not in with a shout.Taken captive, would she live.See her dreams, instead we heard her screams. Our maiden, she dared, but was not spared.Too late, her charred body, no date with this chick. Too late.The bitch. Well she was no witch. She just got ditched.

 Moral. So remember this story, remember this story, neither secular nor holy.It`s just solely, a young girls plight to take the fight. Jeanne D`Arc left her mark, as an example. Gender. Class. Her life so dark. So short. Maybe she has taught. It`s possible to follow your dream. Just need the right team and live this quest on equal terms.No oppressions, no oppressed, can our planet get rid of these germs.

Moral. Let`s go a stage further, all states, all creeds all colors.Learn the art of co-existence, learn this stance in an instant.No invasions, these are bad equations.Politicians, stop the ammunitions, sign petitions.Just take this mission, just take this mission.But, Men, wait on. Your records not good so maybeThe bitches of the world should be the fixers of the world.It`s not just men`s blood.Nothing to loose while they snore and snooze.There`s hope, but only together. United malpractice blighted.There`s hope - there`s always hope.


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