Stavanger Brass Band

Stavanger Brass Band

Siddis Brass 2014

Underholdningskonkurransen Siddis Brass er like rundt hjørnet og nok en gang har vi fått skreddersydd et program for anledningen. For de av dere som ikke klarer å vente til selve konkurransedagen, vil det være mulig å høre programmet både søndag 26. oktober i Gand Kirke kl. 17:30 og onsdag 29. oktober kl. 19:00 i Johanneskirken.

Vi er stolte av å presentere årets program: 


(Sainteté: Difficile mais pas impossible)

by Simon Dobson

Jeanne d'Arc was a peasant girl from Domremy, Lorraine.

At the age of thirteen she started to hear voices. Voices, that she determined, were voices of angels delivering messages from God. 

These messages told her that she would lead an army against the English to end the so called `100 years` war.

The true king, King Charles the VII of France, would then rule a reunited kingdom.

She was 16 years old when she led her first army; and her contribution did lead, indirectly, to the end of the 100 years’ war. 

She did attend Charles’ coronation, and then continued her fight against the English.

Later, She was captured at Compiegne and thereafter followed one of history’s most famed Courtroom battles. 

Here, she was tried for Heresy but also for wearing men’s clothes and fighting battles on a Sunday.

Eventually, Jeanne was sentenced to death and burned at the stake in 1431, pardoned in 1456 ( a little too late) and received her sainthood in 1920.

Sainthood: difficult but not impossible;

is a musical tapestry documenting the life and death of Jeanne d'Arc.

Movements 1- 3, establish the characters of the three voices in her head: St. Margaret, St. Catherine and St. Michael.

Movement 4 describes the battle and capture of Jeanne.

Movement 5 is a rather surreal look at the courtroom during her trial.

Movement 6 describes the death, pardon and canonization of Jeanne d'Arc.

Jeanne d´Arc

Jeanne d´Arc


Stavanger Brass Band